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Portland, ME

December 9, 2023
9 AM- 4:00 PM

This show is our longest running and the original one started by Karen Perry in 1991. Our shows have always relied on all of us helping to make it a success with exhibitors helping to decorate, distribute flyers, anything we can imagine. Since then, we have outgrown several locations.


Again this year, we are pleased to support the Ocean Avenue PTO with a suggested $3. donation at the door. They help parents get involved in their children's education and supports a wide range of activities including field trips and commuunity events. 

Exhibiting Artists TBA
Judith Barker
metal jewelry
Robin Bettencourt
women's accessories
Jennifer Butts
scenic fabric collages
Kathleen Colton
hand dyed scarves
Trisha Conant
precious metal clay jewelry
Saya Cullinan
one of a kind handbags
Patti Dowse
repurposed garments
Suzanne Drown
batik and dye painting
Lacey Goodrich
vibrant color pottery
Cullen Goodyear
sterling silver jewelry
Carolyn Heasly
toys from upcycled clothing
Wendilee Heath O'Brien
original artworks
Lynn Holaday
children's clothing
Julie Howison
metal jewelry
Emi Ito
free form handwovens
Jennifer Kovach
herbal creams and soap
Laurie La Bar
stone and silver jewelry
Janet Lockhart
nature inspired stained glass
Peggy Clark Lumpkins
original paintings and prints
Diane Manzi
polymer clay jewelry
Jody Meredith
boiled wool wearables
Ann E. Rhinehardt
fine art
Paula Robert
handwoven textiles
Anita Roelz
hand forged jewelry
Nancy Shaul
whimsical functional pottery
Martha Sullivan
Sabrina Thiemke-Greene
eco-friendly goods
Christine Wolff
high quality stained glass
Catherine Worthington
painted and stitched art textiles
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