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Our Mission

In keeping with Karen's original intention, we work with local nonprofit organizations that specifically support women and their families.  Our mission is to showcase high quality arts and crafts by women artisans while inviting the public to support us along with the selected nonprofit. In past years we have worked with breast cancer support groups, transition to work programs, art/therapy retreats, shelters, and counseling programs. We have listed many of these on our Resources page. Many of the programs we have worked with are not widely known to the public but do amazing work with the people who need them. At our shows, they have the opportunity not only to raise much needed funds but also to network with the public informing them of services that are available. Some organizations also welcome the opportunity help their members integrate with the public.


These are a few who we have supported in the past. Click on each to find out more about them.



Rhinehardt_Schoodic_s Boundless Skies2_30 x 22 x 1.625_Oil _ Cold Wax_2022.jpg
Ann Rhinehardt
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