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Freeport, ME

November 18, 2023

9 AM- 4:00 PM

Our show in Freeport has a new focus... Art To Wear and More! This show has always been great for our fiber members and those who design jewelry so we decided to focus on it. You'll still find our other members who make glass, pottery, wood items and more (that's the More!).


This year the suggested donation of $2. at the door will go to our organization. We are nonprofit and use all of our funds to organize and promote our shows to benefit a community nonprofit that works with women, children, and families. As with so many organizations, the pandemic has caused us to make some adjustments. We hope to continue our partnerships with the commitment which is our mission. 

Exhibiting Artists 
Kailleigh Archibald
colored pencil botanical drawings
Trisha Conant
precious metal clay jewelry
Lisa Cutler
colorful eclectic jewelry
Patti Dowse
repurposed garments
Tara Gamwell
fabric gifts for all
Julie Howison
metal jewelry
Emi Ito
free form handwovens
Jennifer Kovach
herbal creams and soap
Laurie La Bar
stone and silver jewelry
Pam LeBlanc
original design handbags and totes
Diane Manzi
polymer clay jewelry
Donna McMillan
handcrafted women's clothing
Ann E. Rhinehardt
fine art
Paula Robert
handwoven textiles
Mary K Spencer
colorful functional pottery
Martha Sullivan
Amy Van Natter
hand embroidered bags
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